A full length collection of poetry, 2017
Artistically Declined Press/Civil Coping Mechanisms, Twin Antlers Prize Contest Winner
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Muted Lines From Someone Else's Memory
A full length collection of poetry, 2010
Dark Sky Books, 2009 Contest Winner
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“Blue Jays”  
A poem, One Sentence Poems, 2016

“Cannon River Meditation”
A poem, Masque & Spectacle, 2015

A poem, The Montucky Review, 2014

“The Last Time You Caught Me Staring”
A poem, This Blog Will Change Your Life, Curbside Splendor, 2014

“Woman With Papa"
Flash fiction, Spittoon Literary Review, 2014

“The End is the Beginning is the End” 
A poem, Daddy Cool, an Anthology, Artistically Declined Press, 2013

“Both Ends of Sedation” 
A poem, Poetry City USA, Volume III, 2013

“Constructing a Proper Torch” 
A poem, Spittoon Literary Review, 2012

“Unfold the Note”
A poem, Heavy Feather Literary Review, 2012

“Coleoptera Leukemia Thorax Morphology”
A poem, Heavy Feather Literary Review, 2012

A poem, Disappearing City Literary Review, 2009

“Circles Reply” 
A poem, Disappearing City Literary Review, 2009

“Muted Lines from Someone Else’s Memory” 
A poem, PikeMagazine, 2008

“Here MacGuyver, You Figure it Out” 
A poem, PikeMagazine, 2008   

A poem, DarkSkyMagazine, 2008

Fiction, Word Riot, 2007

“When the Wind” 
A poem, BlazeVOX, 2007

“At the Bar” 
A poem, BlazeVOX, 2007

A poem, BlazeVOX, 2007

“Dance Ohio, Dance” 
Feature article, MF Magazine, 2006

“New Nightly Ritual” 
A poem, JMWW, 2006

“Nocturnal Instructions to my Imagination” 
A poem, 13th Warrior Review, 2006